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Tumblr trip

(stolen from tumblr, can't find the photographer) 
A few months ago I reblogged a picture on tumblr of a remarkable place. I wanted to know where it was taken so I used google search by image and it turned out I'd already visit the closest town of the hanging rock. I remember it (Odda) as one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. I talked with some friends and found one who wanted to do a hike with me to the mountain top. Tomorrow I'm leaving with the train in the morning from Stockholm central station and heading at Oslo S. I'm so excited. I'll be gone a few days but will be back on sunday. I have absolutely no clue how to go from Odda to the picture but I'll figure it out somehow on the way. 

Stuff I bought

To be honest I'm not a big fan of this consuming society that we live in and feed everyday by buying stuff. Anyway, I like to buy new things. Recently I've been to a lot of second hand stores and flea markets looking for books and clothes. Yesterday I bought this lovely skirt for 30 sek which is like buying a Lindt chokolate. Crazy. 
It's really good to dance in because the cloth moves beautifully when I twist and turn. 
I also bought the blue shirt and the black (100% whool we will love each other this autumn) beret for the equivalent of a tube of pringles each. Crazy again. 
I think these are my favorites from yesterdays shopping. 60 sek all together and both from expensive brands. I love the collar on the pink one. Nothing spectacular, but will be good to wear when school starts and you don't know what to put on in the morning. 
I've been looking for an antique looking sculpture for a very long time and finally I found one at a thrift shop a few weeks ago. Except for being cheap from the beginning (it's a thrift shop for gods sake) they had everything in the store for a 50% discount. I couln't stop smiling that day because I knew I'd made a very good bargain, especially when I've been looking for one for such a long time. Now it fits perfectly on my window frame with my plants. 
Including my Monstera deliciosa, which I love. It's very calming to see your plants grow. They're also a good company if you're feeling lonely, how crazy that might sound. I swear I don't talk to my plants (I do). 
And my little trio on my mirror-table. Two cactuses and one succulent bought at Plantagen. I can't buy anymore plants but I always end up at a plantation or such and tend to buy something. 

Movie list

Juno (2007) A very cute movie. If you haven't seen this movie yet I'll judge you. Geeky and extremely funny (much satirical humour). 
Atonement (2007) The most beautiful movie ever made. If you're not thrilled about the story at least you'll love the scenography. 
About time (2013) If you want to see a cute love story - this is the one. Comes with a little twist. 100% feel good movie. 
Catch me if you can (2002) Directed by Spielberg and starring DiCaprio do I even need to say anything more? Beautiful scenography, exciting story and overall a very good movie. DiCaprio plays the cheater of the century. 
Her (2013) A very interesting movie. In some ways very sad. Don't get scared by the plot of the story. 
Mr Nobody (2009) It's been a while since I first saw this movie and somehow I can't forget it and I often apply quotes from this movie onto my own life. It's about love.
Cloud Atlas (2012) A lot of different stories twisted into one. If you choose to watch this one - focus 100% (no texting allowed) otherwise you'll just find it strange. 
Marie Antoinette (2006) If you're a sucker for costume dramas watch this. Except for dresses to die for this movie includes some french revolution, hansome swedish general on horse and Versailles. 
Into the wild (2007) Young man leaves his regular life and travels America ending up starving in Alaska. This is the most significant movie in my life. It changed me. 

Bornholm - Day 3

We went south to Dueodde and to the beach. 
We had to take a stop when we found two gigantic fields with poppies (mine and Viktor's favourite flower). 
Some iPhone shooting. 
We bicycled a lot in the woods and settled down at a camping in Rønne by the end of the day.
We went down to the beach because Frida wanted to take a bath. 
Unfortunately, it was a bit not-to-welcoming-for-a-bath. So we went back to our tent for some card games. 
Me and Viktor climed up a tree. 
Cozy evening. 

Bornholm - Day 2

We woke up pretty early in the morning and went down to the beach, unfortunately it was too cold for jumping in. Only Viktor was brave enough. 
At least I dipped my feet. It was amazing to feel the sand between my toes. 
After some breakfast we went on a walk to the lighthouse. 
Which was very small. 
But man that was a beautiful walk. 
Frida put on her summer dress instead of the bicycle shorts she had the previous day. 
We found a park bench and had to do a "Cassie". 
It felt like walking along the Mediterranean sea.
Eventually, we had to jump on our bikes and follow the road south. We stopped for some road snack at a beautiful village named Svaneke.  
The road lead into the woods and we found this amazing spot in the forest where the sun shone through the leafage on the ground and we had to stop because it was so beautiful.
Frida had a banana and didn't want to be photographed. 
She didn't have much of a choice. It was so beautiful I had to take loads of photos. 
After some kilometers on the bike we saw a ravine from a bridge and we had to stop again.
Viktor and I followed the "stairway" down. 
And we started to explore the place. 
Frida stayed at the bridge with our packing and bikes. 
Needless to say I kind of freaked out when I found this perfect forest paradise. It was all so mesmerizing and beautiful. 
And a little bit exciting to explore. 
I wanted to stay there for the rest of my life, but we had to find a new camping to sleep at for the night. 
So we hit the road again with our bikes, and at the evening we reached Nexø where we stayed for the night. We found the Mondrian tree which I found a bit fun.  

Bornholm - Day 1

Me and my friends, Viktor and Frida, decided earlier this year that we wanted to go to this Danish island south of Sweden called Bornholm. Me and Viktor packed our stuff, took a bus from Stockholm down to Malmö and met up Frida at the central station. The day after we headed down to Ystad and took the catamaran down to Bornholm. 
We arrived at this very cute little Danish city named Rønne which mainly consisted out of picturesque architecture like these beautiful houses.
We rented bicycles and headed north. The way was mainly along the coast. 
After some hours on the bike the terrain changed and we stepped into what felt like a jungle. 
Ivy was growing on the trees and it was all very mesmerizing. I had to take some shoots. 
At the end of the day we found a camping with the most amazing view and had a disguisting dinner (I had cottage cheese directly from the package and Frida and Viktor had Danish Rød pølse) outside our tent. 

The Tynningö trip

We went out to the archipelago again and this time I took my camera with me. The air was warm but the water so cold I could barely dip my feet in it. 
At midnight I cut Désirée's hair (compare with the first pictures). She told me to cut 7 cm but it ended up with about 15 cm getting off. I would not be a good hairdresser. Anyways, I did some shoots and it felt nice to have a camera in my hand again. I think I'm getting back to this devastating love story between me and the camera again. I've been waiting a long time for the inspiration to find me, meantime I've been writing music. That's a pretty good way of expressing yourself too.  
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