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Bornholm - Day 1

Me and my friends, Viktor and Frida, decided earlier this year that we wanted to go to this Danish island south of Sweden called Bornholm. Me and Viktor packed our stuff, took a bus from Stockholm down to Malmö and met up Frida at the central station. The day after we headed down to Ystad and took the catamaran down to Bornholm. 
We arrived at this very cute little Danish city named Rønne which mainly consisted out of picturesque architecture like these beautiful houses.
We rented bicycles and headed north. The way was mainly along the coast. 
After some hours on the bike the terrain changed and we stepped into what felt like a jungle. 
Ivy was growing on the trees and it was all very mesmerizing. I had to take some shoots. 
At the end of the day we found a camping with the most amazing view and had a disguisting dinner (I had cottage cheese directly from the package and Frida and Viktor had Danish Rød pølse) outside our tent. 


By Hanna

i vilket program redigerar du? lägger du på en effekt för att få det där vintage-stuket på bilden? tihi.

Svar: jag har gjort olika filter i photoshop som jag kan justera efter hur jag vill ha bilden :)

Published 2014-06-22 22:33:22

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