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Stuff I bought

To be honest I'm not a big fan of this consuming society that we live in and feed everyday by buying stuff. Anyway, I like to buy new things. Recently I've been to a lot of second hand stores and flea markets looking for books and clothes. Yesterday I bought this lovely skirt for 30 sek which is like buying a Lindt chokolate. Crazy. 
It's really good to dance in because the cloth moves beautifully when I twist and turn. 
I also bought the blue shirt and the black (100% whool we will love each other this autumn) beret for the equivalent of a tube of pringles each. Crazy again. 
I think these are my favorites from yesterdays shopping. 60 sek all together and both from expensive brands. I love the collar on the pink one. Nothing spectacular, but will be good to wear when school starts and you don't know what to put on in the morning. 
I've been looking for an antique looking sculpture for a very long time and finally I found one at a thrift shop a few weeks ago. Except for being cheap from the beginning (it's a thrift shop for gods sake) they had everything in the store for a 50% discount. I couln't stop smiling that day because I knew I'd made a very good bargain, especially when I've been looking for one for such a long time. Now it fits perfectly on my window frame with my plants. 
Including my Monstera deliciosa, which I love. It's very calming to see your plants grow. They're also a good company if you're feeling lonely, how crazy that might sound. I swear I don't talk to my plants (I do). 
And my little trio on my mirror-table. Two cactuses and one succulent bought at Plantagen. I can't buy anymore plants but I always end up at a plantation or such and tend to buy something. 


By Mirjam

åh nu känner jag bara att jag måste ju besöka Stockholm på sommaren också så jag får strosa runt på sommarloppisar, för dina köp var ju inte så pjåkiga alltså!!

Published 2014-07-13 20:44:16

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